We offer a variety of different services to suit your US tax needs, information on these can found across the relevant pages on this website.

Business Reporting

For those Americans who live abroad and are considered to be officers, directors or shareholders in certain foreign corporations, it is a requirement that you complete a 5471 Form, along with your other tax returns.

Our experts will help you to understand whether or not this is a relevant requirement for your particular situation and how they can help you with this particular need.

State Tax Returns

Most States in America also require a State Tax Return to be submitted, our experts can offer advice on whether this is a step you need to take and if so, what is required.

IRS Tax Audit

If you’ve been selected for an IRS tax audit, there are certain things that you will need to have done prior to the audit taking place.

To date, we’ve assisted numerous clients in ensuring that they have everything ready for their personal audits and our experts are on hand to help you with this process.

Relinquishing US citizenship or handing back your Green Card

There are certain tax requirements that are mandatory for you to complete, if you intend to relinquish your citizenship or hand over your Green Card.

It can be costly to make mistakes with this process, but our experts are well-equipped at dealing with this and can help ensure that you get this right.

PFIC Form 8621 filing

This form is only mandatory if you receive a passive income from a foreign investment company and if it is distributed as a result of death and most types of otherwise tax-free exchanges or redemptions.

In any of these circumstances, this form has to be correctly submitted.

US Tax Planning

It’s vital to ensure that you are always planning for your US taxes and that is just one of the many accounting requirements that a specialist accountant is based placed to deal with.

Interest in Foreign Partnership (Form 8865)

This form is a requirement of a partnership that has been formed in a foreign country but is actively controlled by a U.S. partner. Form 8865 is used to report the income and financial position of said partnership, and to report transactions made between the partner and the partnership. Usually this is filed as part of the partner’s tax return.

Amended US Tax Returns

Quite often one needs to make corrections to a previous tax return. This can be done in the form of an amended tax return. A common purposes of this includes corrected earnings (or clarifying misrepresented earnings) which can be favourable and result in a refund.

US Non-Resident Tax Returns

Depending on your circumstances you would need to fill in either a Form 1040-NR (US Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return) or Form 1040-NR-EZ (US Income Tax Return for Certain Nonresident Aliens With No Dependents).